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We are a small family enterprise located in the East Rand, Gauteng. We provide quality chickens and fertile eggs to commercial farmers and normal households. We are proud of our chickens and do our best to select only the best. 

Black Australorp Breed

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About Us

We are an independent poultry producer that focusses on quality and the best product. We focus on quality layer chicks, fertile eggs and day old chicks. We got the following breed: Black Australorp and Lohmann Browns. Our main focus is to supply top quality fertile eggs, day old chicks, and point of lay hens or pullets. Our chicks are semi free range and our farm values are on providing our clients with top quality chickens. Wilcom Farming have a production capacity of 8000 day old chicks per cycle and can produce a large number of fertile eggs per week. Our vision and Mission is to provide the highest quality of our products. Only the best is good enough for our clients.

Wilcom Farming

Services We Provide

Wilcom Farming
Black Australorp Breed

The Black Australorp is mainly our free range chicken breed. We do the following:
1. Fertile Eggs.
2. Day old Chicks (Non sexed).
3. Point of Lay Chickens. 
4. New Bloodline 

Lohmann Brown 

The Lohmann brown is for our commercial farmer. Our flock come from a register flock and only the best will do. We do the following:
1. Fertile Eggs.
2. Day old chicks (sexed).
3. Point of lay Chickens. 

Fertile Eggs

Black Australorp fertile and hatch rate is 80-85%.
Lohmann Brown fertile and hatch rate is 85%. 

Airport Pick-Up Points

We have the following airport pick up points for an additional cost: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban,  East London, George, Kimberley, Nelspruit, Phalaborwa, Port Elizabeth, Wonderboom, Polokwane, Pietermaritzburg, Sishen, Skukuza, Upington and Umthatha. 

Advantages of the Lohmann Brown Chicken Breed:

The Lohman Brown is of German origin and was bred specifically for its egg-laying ability. This chicken is selectively bred from lines of Rhode Island and White Rock breeds. Lohmann Browns are a cross between New Hampshire chickens and carefully selected brown egg-laying hens.

This breed produces up to 320 eggs to an age of 72 weeks. An excellent laying Lohman Brown hen produces roughly 5 to 7 eggs every week. The feathers of the Lohman Brown have a brown/caramel colour and it has white feathers around its neck and on the tip of its tail.

  • The Lohmann’s are a good egg production chicken.
  • Ideal for laying cages (Battery Cages) Farming.
  •  They are a smaller breed chicken.
  •  The eggs have an average weight of 62g

When they hatch, the cockerels have a yellow colour, and the hens are red. Adult Lohman Browns have horizontally oriented bodies with a straight and wide back and loin, and an undeveloped chest.

There are 4 variations available in this breed: Lohmann Brown – Classic, Lite, Plus and Extra. The Lohmann Hybrid Chicken flourishes in mixed flocks and likes to move around. Although Lohmann Brown chickens are mostly utilized for egg production, they have also been used for meat production by a few people.

When no additional birds are added to a Lohman Brown flock, then there are no serious health issues to be concerned about. Adult laying hens weigh between 1.9 and 2.1 kg and the roosters weigh 3-4 kg. 

Wilcom Farming

Advantages of the Black Australorp Chicken Breed:

The Australorp is of Australian origin and was specifically bred for egg-laying. The Australorp became quite popular in the 1920’s and was known for laying more than 300 eggs during a 365 consecutive day trial. The poultry industry soon became interested in them because of their prolific egg-laying ability. 

The most popular colour of this breed is black, which is the only colour that is recognised in the United States of America. However, other colours like, white, blue, wheaten laced and gold are also recognised by Australia and South Africa.

  • Hardy to disease’s
  • Good egg production chicken
  • Ideal chicken for free range.
  • Make an excellent meat chicken.
  • The eggs have an average weight of 65g.
  • The Black Australorp are also popular with the African         Traditional healers. 

The name Australorp is a contraction of Australian black Orpington and this breed was called by a lot of different names, before Australorp was settled upon.

They also go by Black Australorp, Australian Orpington, or Australs.
The feathers of the black Australorp have a stunning beetle-green sheen in the sunlight, but they need access to shade 24/7, as they are more susceptible to heat stroke.

In general, they are a hardy breed with no special considerations and have a life-expectancy of 6-10 years.
They are good meat birds, with adult roosters weighing 3,9 – 4,7kg and adult hens weighing 3,7 – 4,5kg. 

Wilcom Farming

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